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Dear Peter and Cook Travel Vacations. We just wanted to thank you for helping us book the most amazing family trip to Beaches Turks and Caicos! When we arrived we were upgraded to the French Villas and were taken back by the incredible customer service provided at Beaches! Amanda and I had a fabulous time horseback riding in the ocean and Scott and Trevor ended up getting completely certified in scuba diving. Beaches experience, it actually surpassed my expectations! I was regularly going on Trip Advisor to read reviews and get tips for about a month before the trip. The customer service, cleanliness and restaurants were fabulous! We were impressed with t the food, particularly at Schooner’s. We ate dinner there twice. The family photos were beautiful and provided a wonderful opportunity to get pictures with the kids. We stayed on the beach or went to the pools at the French Village and Caribbean Village. Even though the Italian Village was beautiful, it felt the most crowded. We snorkeled off the beach and saw so many different types of fish. It was by far the best snorkeling I have done. I truly relaxed this vacation because I didn’t have to think about anything for the whole week. This inclusive vacation was worth every penny. We have to start saving for the next trip.

Our only problem was with the airlines when we were coming home, our flight was cancelled and we were not notifies. American airlines gave us vouchers, but it did not cover all of our expenses and we stayed another day in a hotel near Beaches. We will sort it out between the airline and our travel insurance. We were in vacation mode and didn’t think to check in advance. We have learned from the experience. The hotel we stayed at the last night was the Alexandria. It was one building away from the Italian Village on the beach. We had a furnished 1 bedroom with an ocean view. It was very nice, but could not really compare to Beaches. We were not thrilled with the airline at first since the first option they offered was to send us to Philadelphia. They finally came up with 4 seats on Jet Blue direct flight the next day. American gave us vouchers for the taxi, hotel and food. The food voucher was less than half of what it cost us for breakfast lunch and dinner at the hotel. Also the next day when we took a taxi, the driver refused to take the voucher and we ended up paying cash. We were just so anxious by then to get a seat on the plane. So that was the negative, but we really tried to look at the positive in being able to stay one more day.

Not sure how soon but we will definitely go back to Beaches. Thanks again for everything.