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Travel Agents Give Back to School Children Across Jamaica

The power of giving back is immense. The Sandals Foundation offers travel agents and all travelers the opportunity to help children in need every time we visit Sandals and Beaches Resorts. We can all donate cash, time, or supplies to help support countries whose wealth does not match our own. In definition, philanthropy means to love all humanity. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to love our fellow man.

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Love Bombing - Family Vacations Instead of Wrapped Gifts

As adults, we find more fulfillment from travel and unique experiences.  Children are not so different as long as the adults are mindful of what kinds of vacations are best for the smalls.  Because children see the world differently, we should let them explore the new worlds we have brought them to.  They will find the wonder and we can share in those joys.  Family vacations provide a child a way of prolonging playfulness with their parents by removing all of us, children and adults alike, from the stressors of life.

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Beaches Resorts are Certified Autism Centers

Now Beaches Resorts truly are all luxury included for everyone! CATP, Certified Autism Travel Professionals, like Nancy, can help families how to getting through airport security or wait to board? Find out how the staff at Sandals and Beaches have been trained, how the water sports team can connect and engage your child, what food options are available for sensory issues, what will happen at the kids’ club, and so much more.

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