What Do I Put on My Luggage Tag?

I always worry that I will never see my luggage again when I say goodbye to it at the luggage drop off! Travel and Leisure magazine has some great pointers on what to put on your luggage tag!

  • DO buy a luggage tag that is securely fastened to your luggage.

  • DO use a luggage tag that has a cover over your information so people nearby cannot scan your information.

  • DO put your name, email address, and phone number on your luggage tag.

  • DO NOT include your address to tell the world you will not be home.

  • DO put a little piece of paper behind you information card with the address of where you will be going in case your luggage does go missing.

  • DO NOT include a flag decal on your luggage tag that might identify your nationality if traveling abroad.

  • DO put your luggage receipt with bar code in a safe place after you release your bag to airport personnel. That receipt is how airport handlers will track your luggage.

  • FINALLY, DO create a draft email to the airline that describes the dimensions of your luggage,includes a photo of your luggage, and your contact information. Makes it a lot easier if you need to contact the airline from your destination

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