Couples, Reignite the Passion!

Love and marriage....not so easy!

I can tell you this, marriage, or any long-term relationship, takes work, commitment and mutual respect. Without giving away my age (lol), my marriage of 30+ years has been subjected to numerous peaks and valleys or highs and lows. I know I’m not alone. I have often wondered why it is so hard to find the passion that drew me to this man initially? Then I went to Sandals Grenada with him, just the two of us and it was glorious. We laughed, we played, and we simply enjoyed each other’s company. We stepped away from all of the responsibilities and dramas that occupied our world.

Sandals Resorts has already created resorts made for lovers but has taken it a step further by partnering with Carlolina Pataky, a well-known family, marriage, and sex therapist, to create an event designed to help you “restore and transform” your relationship. Activities to build and strengthen the intimacy in your relationship and connect with like minded couples have been carefully crafted. You will also have the opportunity enjoy sunrise yoga, breakfast in bed, and adventure excursions. A Retie the Knot Ceremony is also included so you can reseal your vows with a renewed fervor.

Join us at this LIV+ (Luxury Includ ed Vacation + Events (yes, we will be there)

Sandals BeLove Couples Retreat

October 25 - October 29, 2019

Sandals South Coast, Jamaica

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This is a limited offer and time for all Sandals Select Members