Sandals Foundation dedicated Whitehouse Marine Sanctuary office to support the Marine Sanctuary

Posted on Friday, May 29, 2015

In 2013, in a move geared towards addressing the depleting fish population, the Sandals Foundations, in partnership with the Jamaican Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, established fish sanctuaries to protect the fish population in the community of Whitehouse.  A move to increase the Coral Reefs and fish populations in protected waters.  Director Heidi Clarke stated that the follow up with construction of the office from where the sanctuary manager and wardens will be headquartered. “but more than that, putting the office in the community is about disseminating information so member of the community can come in, get information, children can come in to learn about why the sanctuaries are important so we need everybody’s partnership and co-operation to make the Marine Sanctuary work”

NEAP, (National Environmental Planning Agency) and the University of the West Indies assisted the Sandals Foundation and conducted reef assessments along with studies looking at the lion fish population and studies of the count.  They have also been very active in the schools teaching the young people as to how they can contribute to marine conservation.

The Sandals Foundation has also been able to partner with Bluefields team in coral conservation and have begun growing a coral forest under water in 10 minutes from Sandals Whitehouse.  The coral conservation is doing so well soon, divers and tourists will be offered to be trained and assist in Coral Transplanting.

Nancy Soldano