Stand Up Paddle Boards in the Caribbean at all Beaches and Sandals Resorts

A few years ago, I went out into the Fireisland surf with my 2 sweet daughters and we promised each other that we were going to learn to surf together.  Kris then introduced us to Stand Up Paddle Board "SUP" and I thought, ok if I'm too old to begin learning how to surf, but, maybe I can do this "SUP".  That same year Krissi died but the dream of being in the surf with her lived on. Kristen Blum Bednar, was a well respected accomplished female surfer and we miss her every day.  Now two years later and Jennifer and I both own "SUPs."  Every time I'm in the surf, I feel closer to Krissi.  I know she is proud of her Dad and her big sister.  " SUPs" are available at all Sandals and Beaches resorts now, so I can paddle at home or in the Caribbean.  We will never be able to surf as well as Kris, but at least we are closer.  Love you Krissi, Dad.

Nancy Soldano