But I don't want to leave the resort 3 hours before flight time!

If you have stayed at Sandals or Beaches Resorts you know that you will be transported back to the airport 3 hours before your flight departs, as per airport guidelines. If you are like us, you want to squeeze in just one more hour for a swim or frozen drink before you go. If your Sandals Resort is close to the airport, like Sandals Montego Bay is, you can stay an extra hour if you are willing to pay for a $10 taxi ride.

Pack a few ziplock bags before leaving home. One is for your wet bathing suit and the other for a sandwich or even a personal pizza to eat at the airport or on the plane

Here are the steps:

Notify the front desk that you will not be on the free transfer back to the airport. Arrange for a taxi to pick you up 2 hours before departure and you will have plenty of time to check-in and pass through security. Swim, drink, or walk on the beach for your extra time and change in one the lavish bathrooms on resort, at the spa, or in the Concierge or Butler lounges. Order something to eat and pack it up right before you leave rather than buying that tasteless $12 burger at the airport.

Perfect! I can’t wait for my next return trip to Sandals!

Nancy Soldano