Love Bombing - Family Vacations Instead of Wrapped Gifts

Research-based fact: Families should be spending their money on holidays instead of toys.  Dr. Oliver James, one of Britain’s leading child psychologists, has written a book leading parents to understand how to reset their child’s emotional thermostat and create lifelong memories by spending their money on shared experiences rather than things. 

Text:  Love Bombing: Reset Your Child’s Emotional Thermostat.

As adults, we find more fulfillment from travel and unique experiences.  Children are not so different as long as the adults are mindful of what kinds of vacations are best for the smalls.  Because children see the world differently, we should let them explore the new worlds we have brought them to.  They will find the wonder and we can share in those joys.  Family vacations provide a child a way of prolonging playfulness with their parents by removing all of us, children and adults alike, from the stressors of life.

The family’s that make up celebrate once a year at different destinations.  This year’s destination was the Verandah Resort in Antigua.  The resort offered beautiful lodging, gourmet food, water sports, gorgeous pools with swim-up bars to share a Shirley Temple and the beautiful Caribbean Sea to explore.  What did the small people enjoy the most?  

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Every afternoon, we walked out of the resort to Devil's Bridge to wait for Dan to come in with his catch of the day.  We chatted as he prepared the fish for his journey home.  Now those were moments that will never be forgotten by any of us.

Remember, all-inclusive resorts offer the traveler the ability to set and maintain a budget, freeing them up to explore different locations and celebrate the joy of shared experiences. There are resorts to fit the budetary needs of any traveler.

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