What is a Certified Autism Center?

Premium Resorts Travel designer, Nancy Blum-Soldano is a retired special education teacher with a masters degree in the field of Autism and has worked with countless students with an Autism diagnosis.  These are her thoughts below.

We are all thrilled that Julia has been added to the cast of Sesame Street characters at the Beaches Resorts.  Through the years I have empathized with parents who wanted so badly to offer their children the same experiences as typically developing children enjoy.  I also knew how badly these adults needed the time to rest, de-stress, and renew. However, life away from home could be even more stressful for all of these family members.  New situations brought out heightened anxieties and behaviors that caused others to stop, stare, and make unfair judgments.  Resort options were almost impossible to find.  Until now.

Beaches Resorts have accomplished the seemingly impossible by adding Julia to their award-winning Sesame Street characters and partnering with the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES).  The staff at all Beaches Resorts have completed the rigorous training provided by IBCCES and are experts at delivering specialized services to create a safe and understanding environment for all.  Julia is a 4-year-old female character who demonstrates the uniqueness of every child. She teaches that all kids are amazing and can all be friends.  Sesame Street's Julia loves to paint and express herself through her art.  She also has autism.  The Beaches staff create art activities for children that are open-ended and based on the uniqueness of each and every child.  Children are encouraged to share and celebrate the art they create.  Through Julia and her Amazing Art Activities, the Beaches staff help other children build empathy, respect, and understanding.

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