Giving a little to the non profit Sandals Foundation helps a lot of people in the Caribbean

I was sitting at the beach bar at the New Sandals LaSource, Grenada, when Regina spotted that I was wearing my Sandals Foundation pin on the collar of my shirt.  She asked me if I knew where she could get a Sandals Foundation Pin and began to explain that she was a volunteer and helped deliver old linens to the needy in Grenada as a foundation volunteer.  After hearing her passion, I took my pin off my shirt and put it on her collar.  She smiled as I asked her to wear it with pride.

I learned that shortly after Sandals LaSource Grenada official opening, Sandals Operation examined old culinary items and linens left over from the old resort.  They decided that they would donate them to the Sandals Foundation which would then donated everything to people and programs in need of them instead of throwing them away.  Homes for the elderly, children, mentally & physically handicapped and schools with culinary courses located in Grenada and sister island of Carriacou were selected.

 Sandals Foundation volunteers assisted in the selection and sorting process  which took months. A number of the volunteers were repeatedly involved in the process from start to finish and were exceptional in their involvement.  Reina Benjamin for example requested her holiday be scheduled so that she could devote an entire week to the activity – selecting, boxing and delivering the final package. She was also instrumental in identifying homes, organizations and individuals who could be added to the list of beneficiaries and making contact to ensure efficient reach and delivery.

A local business partner Richie Griffith lent his truck, driver and support helping Sandals Foundation volunteers make deliveries around the island of Grenada and on the ferry for the homes on the sister island of Carriacou.  Approximately 23 volunteers were involved in this labor of love over approximately 4 months and culminated in over 1400 pieces of linen (bath towels, hand towels, wash cloths, bath mats, sheets, pillows, pillow cases, napkins and tablecloths among other items were delivered. 

August 21st, 2014. Reina was awarded Sandals Foundation team member of the month of August and cited as a wonderful ambassador of the Sandals Foundation Community Spirit.

Nancy SoldanoComment