Explore Historic Grenada’s

More and more guests want to explore Grenada’s historic sites & see the beautiful spice island while on vacation.   Beautiful luxury resorts allow you to trek around the island and return to lush surroundings and pampered luxury as often as you like.

If you’re often intrigued by the history of a destination, then a tour of Grenada’s islands’ forts are just for you. Once there you can explore the bowels of the fort. Walk through underground tunnels and passageways or marvel at the picturesque views of the harbor down below.   Belmont Estate is just an hour’s scenic drive from St. George’s and provides visitors with a real taste of the history, culture, and traditions of Grenada.  

Fort Frederick is a bastion type fort that sits atop Richmond Hill in the center of St. George’s.  For a $2.00 entrance fee, you have a magnificent 360-degree view of St. George’s. It’s a steep climb but well worth it for the panoramic views. Fort George Is the most historic structure in St. George’s for its part in all the political and military changes that have taken place on the island over the last three hundred years.  It is one of the finest Vauban-style masonry fortresses in the world.  It was here on October 19, 1983, that Prime Minister Maurice Bishop and his supporters were executed by the more Marxist wing of their party.  

Fort Matthew also sits atop Richmond Hill in the center of St. George’s. From battleground to insane asylum, Fort Matthew is a physical testimony of the conflict endured by the Grenadian people. This 1500 yard fort is the largest on the island and was named after the governor at the time, Governor Edward Matthew. The 18th-century bathrooms and army kitchens, underground tunnels and cells are just a few of the intriguing features still found in its natural form.   

Grenada National Museum The main structure of the Grenada National Museum was built in the late 1700s. The building housed three hotels, and then also a warehouse of a local merchant. The Grenada National Museum was opened in 1976. The museum displays historical artifacts and exhibits related to Grenada.  River Antoine Rum Distillery is a privately owned distillery, whose processes have changed little since the 1800s, is the oldest functioning water-propelled distillery not only in Grenada but throughout the Caribbean.

Ensure that a visit to this estate is part of your spice vacation.  Westerhall Estate is located on the 500 acres Westerhall Estate in St. David’s. This attraction allows you to see the entire rum-making process, enjoy the strictly organic lunches at the estate and sample a variety of rums including our new Spicy Rum Punch.

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