Can Romance and Adventure Marry?

How do you pair romance and adventure?  Seems impossible to be able to be drenched in almost sinful sensual luxury at the resort of your dreams one moment, then scream in wild exuberance the next while battling a mammoth sailfish miles off the Caribbean coast!  So let’s face it, you could search the web for hours and come up with a list of fantastic tour ideas. Now you are presented with the goliath task of locating the deals and isolating the best “bang for your buck.”   It's not just money, you have to think about safety standards and procedures, training, guest satisfaction, insurance….arghhhhhh!  

This is when the experienced experts at Premium Resorts are there to use what they KNOW to find what you WANT!.

You ask what ideas we have for you?  Here are a few off the chart examples to get you thinking.

·       Deep sea fishing with an experienced crew where relaxation explodes into high adventure most unexpectedly.

·       Dune buggy into the rainforests where the untouched beauty of nature tantalizes your senses with a myriad of sounds, sights, and fragrances.

·       Hike the Grand Pitons

·       Horseback in the Caribbean sea

·       Snorkel

·       PADI certified dives

·       Zipline

·       Kayak

·       Ecological tours

·       Exotic wildlife

·       Reading road trip to local schools

·       Bird watching

·       Shopping

Do we have your attention yet?

Why spend all of that time searching for adventure when we can do it for you without any cost?  It is a common misconception that you pay extra for the services of a travel agency, but you don’t because the resorts pay us to find you!  Let’s play together!,,

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