Beaches Resorts are Certified Autism Centers

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A few months ago Julia was introduced to the cast of Sesame Street Characters at Beaches Resorts and the staff was trained by IBCCES, to become Certified Autism Centers, CAC.   Now Sandals Resorts has released the opportunity for travel agents to be trained and certified as professionals in autism-related travel, (CATP).  Nancy Blum Soldano retired in 2016 from East Islip SD as a special education teacher and adjunct instructor at Pace University NY.  For 20 years Nancy loved her job working with children with disabilities, most specifically autism. When she retired she became a Certified Sandals and Beaches Travel Agent with Premium Resorts and this week became the one of the first Certified Autism Travel Professionals, CATP, on Long Island NY.  She and Premium Resorts will partner with Sandals and Beaches Resorts to provide luxury included vacations to meet the needs of all families.  Nancy had missed her teaching and work with children of varied abilities and now we can hear the excitement in her voice again as she combines the expertise and knowledge of her two careers together.   Nancy is eager with the opportunity to be apart of this new venture along with her travel partners, Peter Blum, Sally Lewis Collier, and Cliff Blum who will soon be certified as well.  Nancy is certified to sell Sandals and Beaches properties and energized about her expanded ability to assist the families she cares so deeply about.  Learn more about Nancy and why she is a uniquely qualified travel professional who can be relied on to guide and help families with complex needs prepare their children and embark on a successfully memorable vacation. 

CATP, Certified Autism Travel Professionals, like Nancy, can help families how to getting through airport security or wait to board? Find out how the staff at Sandals and Beaches have been trained, how the water sports team can connect and engage your child, what food options are available for sensory issues, what will happen at the kids’ club, and so much more.

Beaches resorts are CAC, Certified Autism Centers for family vacations - Travel agents become CATP, Certified Autism Travel Professionals