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Peter Blum Planned our Honeymoon at Sandals Halcyon St Lucia

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Peter Blum Planned our Honeymoon at Sandals Halcyon St Lucia

Will & Jana Honeymoon at Sandals Halcyon St Lucia 4/23/18-4/29/18

Peter Blum helped plan and book our Honeymoon to Sandals Halcyon Resort St. Lucia's.  Peter assisted us in the planning process and he made it so easy. Peter helped us pick the Sandals Resort that fit the type of Honeymoon we were looking for and he did an AMAZING job! Peter talked with us several times on the phone before the trip to make sure we were comfortable with every  last detail. Will and I loved the fact that the entire Honeymoon was all- inclusive and paid for up-front. The only thing we paid for out of pocket were souvenirs and excursions. The Halcyon Resort is the best out resort out of the 3 resorts on the island in my opinion. My husband and I made time to go visit The Grand and La Toc and they were nice, but they were too large for us. If you are looking for a more relaxing, low key, intimate vacation I would recommend going visiting Sandals Halcyon, St. Lucia.  At Sandals Halcyon you will get to enjoy beautiful flora and fauna. The beauty and simplicity of the resort aids  you in the relaxing process. All the staff at Sandals Halcyon were friendly and personable. As Will and I walked around the resort staff members would greet us by our  first names. Staff really made us feel conformable and welcomed to their country. Sandals Resorts takes great care of their guest and my husband and I are already planning our anniversary trip for 2019!

Thank You Premium Resorts ,Peter , and Sandals for making our travel experience so memorable! 

Jana & Will Finlayson 

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