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Why use a free expert Sandals travel agent at Premium Resorts

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Why use a free expert Sandals travel agent at Premium Resorts

This is a photo of Premium Resorts owner, Peter Blum, with Gerald Christ, General Manager of Sandals Royal Caribbean returning from a personal tour of the new over the water bungalows.  That is the reward for being one of Sandals' elite experts.

Here are a few reasons why an expert in the travel industry can make your travel planning so much easier.

·      Free vacation planning and booking - no fees attached

.      Access to the best deals and special offers (the real ones)

·      Personalized service

·      Advice on the best destination for you

·      First hand experience at the resorts we sell

·      Time and stress saving – we do all the work

·      Certified travel professionals

·      Any problems?  We’ve got your back!

·      Free vacation planning and booking

·      Travel agents are humans and very flexible (we can easily make changes)

You could easily spend hours researching the best resort for the best price.  The information on the internet is endless, overwhelming, and time consuming.  A human travel agent spends time getting to know your preferences, budget, time constraints, diet requirements, medical needs, likes, dislikes, and so much more.  This trusted travel agent will do the research and present you with options and rates that are the best fit for your needs.

I know many believe that going to the internet eliminates the middleman.  There is no middleman because the internet and the travel agent have access to the same pricing.  In fact, if you find a cheaper rate your travel agent can often match it.  In addition, your travel agent can offer ways to add value to your stay.

Once you have booked your resort there are even more decisions to navigate.  What about those room categories?  How do you know which one will suit your needs best? Your travel agent has seen those rooms and can explain the differences to help you make an educated choice. 

Your expert travel agent can handle all the details and leave the relaxing up to you.  Stick with the humans, we were here first!

Call one of our human experts at Premium Resorts for a free quote.   1-877-729-0200