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What does a SNUBA Sub and Sandals Resorts and Island Routes have in Common?

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What does a SNUBA Sub and Sandals Resorts and Island Routes have in Common?

  On my most recent trip to the Bahamas I had an amazing experience in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean on a Snuba Sub tour.

A SNUBA Sub is your very own motorized vessel fully equipped with a tank of oxygen.  You do not need a prior experience in diving.  Our snuba adventure began with a trip to the dive shop, a 15-minute video detailing the experience, how to enter our little “sub” and navigate it underwater.  Our experienced diver team reviewed how to power the sub on and off, turn right and left, and all the hand signals we would need in order to communicate with our diver guides underwater.  Three simple commands were needed;  “I’m OK,”  “I’m feeling unsure,” and “Take me up.” 

The dive boat zipped us out to the open sea and threw the anchor near a coral reef.  Three groups of 10 were created and I was happily placed in-group #3.  This gave me plenty of time to observe the process and count how many minutes the groups was actually under water.

Four experienced divers entered the water before any of the subs were lowered in.  Every sub was individually prepped, helmet bubble sanitized and new air tank attached, as each person descended down the ladder.  The sub, now attached to a winch, was lowered into the water to cover the seat area only as oxygen began filling the bubble helmet.  At the bottom of the ladder, each person reached for the seat with one experienced diver behind him or her and one in front holding the sub steady. Over and up into the bubble helmet went each new diver with one seamless movement.  The sub was immediately lowered to a diver waiting below.  One by one all 10 dropped into the water with a buoy flowing up marking their position.  They all held hands 15 feet below the surface waiting for all to join them.  When the entire group had been lowered the subs began to move toward the reef individually.  All of us on the boat were able to track their movement by watching the floating white buoys.  Returning to the dive boat was the exact same process in reverse.  So easy!

This experience can only be described as 20 minutes of absolute joy and wonder.